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Akashic Records

tap into your inner self to

rediscover what makes your heart sing

You know the answer, you are always in charge.

An Akashic Record reading helps you understand your soul's guidance, makes sense of the messages you keep hearing, brings your inner knowing to the surface, and connects you to your light. A reading has lasting effects that opens parts of yourself that need opening so you can live in alignment with your joy, freedom, and goals.

The Akashic Records are an energetic field that holds all the information about your life, past lives, and soul. We all have access to this information, and I help you connect to this guidance

to bring your soul into alignment.

Lizzy Carol, MHA's drive to help people using the Akashic Records evolves from two business degrees, years in public service, and grassroots leadership. Lizzy brings you to your truths in a nurturing, nonjudgemental, healing space that connects you with everything you need to know right now.

Bring me your challenges, questions, and pain so you can transform into the best version of yourself. My mission is to show you how magical,  incredible, and unique you are. When you know these truths, everyone, everywhere benefits.