I never"started" my spiritual journey; I have always been on this path, since I first started playing "witches" and Ouija when I was a kid. Then, in 2003, my friend introduced me to the book "The Holographic Universe" and it helped to break down the false thinking and limited belief that had begun to stick to me. It helped me shift away from the belief that we are solely organic beings that stop existing after we die, it helped explain the things I was questioning, and it help me align myself with the values and qualities I find truly important, setting me back on my cyclical journey of discovering what good I am here to bring to this world.

It is not a coincidence that I also came out of the closet in 2003. As I was getting back into my spiritual journey, I knew I needed to live in accordance with all of my truths — queer person, esoteric facilitator, a person who loves this life even as she recognizes its infinite existence.

I have gone in and out of my journey— there are times when I've "lost my religion" and felt like giving up and there are other times when I've felt so connected to my higher self that I've gotten a tingle all over my body just thinking of the divine. Today, I am living my dream come true— I am redefining my life and I accept that I am a soul having a human experience. Life is cyclical and everyone's path is different.

I am using my gifts, teachings, and knowledge to fertilize my life and to facilitate people getting closer to their highest self. I am on a constant journey of opening, releasing, examining my life.