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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Make 2020 your actual best year ever

With a little work, dedication, focus, and water you can bring your wildest dreams to you quicker and with more force than you ever thought possible!

Pen to Paper | Water to Mouth

“You are what you think.”

The 30 Day Test

If you're reading this, you've probably heard of manifesting. You might have also managed to manifest some things in your life. I, too, thought I knew about manifesting, but it turns out I have not been using its whole power. My previous experiences with creating something out of nothing include thinking about what I want, maybe writing it down, using positive affirmations to keep me in a positive mindset, and waiting for the magic to happen. This method *sometimes* produces exactly what I desire.

The other day after doing some homework for Already All Right, I was recommended Earl Nightingale's work. Earl produced a book called The Strangest Secret in 1957 where he lays out a brief history of mindset and success, referencing back to biblical times and probably earlier. He's right -- I've heard many times, "You are what you think," "To create the life you want, you only need to believe it into existence," and other ideas like this. Earl's method for keeping you in the right mindset is very straightforward. He gives his readers and listeners a 30 Day Test (today we would call it a challenge, it was 1957) and lays out the steps to take each day to will your dreams into existence.

His technique is simple, upfront, and explained in a way everyone can understand. Additionally, you must combine this technique with contributing to your goal, you cannot create something without force -- it is a law of nature. Go towards the ideas you have, the doors that open, and make strides to be the creator you are born to be.

  • Write your goal on a notecard. When you write a goal, manifestation, or dream, you are putting pen to paper and adding an element (earth) to your creation power. It is very important that you write your goal in present tense and be very specific. Example: "I will have a better paying job" -- using "will" puts you in a constant state of never getting there, you are also shutting yourself off from possibilities that may be right in front of you. Try: "I make $10,000 more in six months."

  • On the back of the card, write the scripture "Ask, and it will be given you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and it will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives. He who seeks finds. To him who knocks it will be opened." (I am not Christian but I am all for using prayers as magic spells to will my dreams into existence.)

You're halfway there! Now, follow these simple guidelines for the next 30 Days to ensure you create what you ask for:

  1. Start with ONE goal!

  2. Read the notecard every morning as soon as you wake up. Read it as often as you like! Every time you read it, have a big smile on your face and welcome it with positivity into your life.

  3. Replace all your fears with positive thoughts. You must control every thought to create your wildest dreams. Immediately replace all negative thoughts about your dream with positive thoughts, or else you must start your 30 days over.

  4. Do more gracious things than you have to for the people in your world. Create the reality you dream of.

  5. Give yourself more! Save 10% of your earnings! Create a new definition of zero in your bank account!

  6. Let go of the How, follow the doors that open and make actions every day.

Water Quantum Jumping

Now that you have your goal materializing for you, try to add another element to your materialization -- Water!

This exercise is another creation tool that you can use for anything you want in your life. I want to invite you to combine this method with the 30 Day Challenge to help set your intentions forward molecularly.

You need water, two cups, a writing utensil, and two post-it notes for this exercise. I like to put my water in a pitcher for more affect. You may also want a candle, smudge stick, incense or anything else you use to get you into a magic state-of-mind.

  1. On one post-it, write your current state. This can be in a job that makes X amount of money, to go from the previous example.

  2. On the second post-it, write the goal from your notecard.

  3. Put each paper on each cup. Light a candle or do whatever you need to get into your magic mindset. (Another element -- FIRE!)

  4. Current State Cup -- as you pour the water into the cup, think about your current state. Hold the cup to your heart and say the words out loud. Think about where you are for at least 3 minutes. Really go deep, think about what it feels like, what it smells like, your routines around it, what do you listen to for music, use all your senses to create a picture that you put into the cup of water.

  5. Pour the water into your Future State Cup. Now put the same details into the future state cup for 5 minutes, holding the cup to your heart. Bring your future state self to you! What do they smell like? What clothes are they wearing? What activities are you able to do now? Where do you live? Who is around you? What do you do with the thing you're calling in? Be the person you are creating! Say the future state out loud, use all the vibrations you can muster!

  6. After living in the future state for 5 minutes, drink the water. Close the session by stating "It is done" and go back to moving forward in your life. Do not dwell on the how, only think of the goal and move forward on any opportunities or thoughts that come to you. Oh, blow the candle out ;-)

Now what?

If you find yourself at a loss or do not know what you want in your life, please schedule an Akashic Record Reading with me. A reading can help you streamline what you need to focus on in your life, brings your desires into clearer focus, and helps you connect deeper to the life you dream of living.

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Find Earl Nightingale's 1957 recording of The Strangest Secret on Spotify.

Watch Sparkle Mariee talk about Water Quantum Jumping on YouTube.

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