Updated: Mar 19, 2020

We are here now for a purpose, and the purpose is NOW! You are called to remember all your tools, all your fantasies, and to hold yourself as you would someone you love deeply. You are being tested and the way you respond is your grade. You have everything you need, but can you remember how to share and to love and to say "hi" to a stranger? This is how you get back to basics and learn to love again. By each decision you make, every day, that leads to the days you live. You are being called to understand yourself on a different level and now you will get to practice everything you have been training for!

Your lips and hands play a big part in your happiness. Lips and hands are how we experience the world by touch. You learned when you were a baby to explore with your mouth, your biggest challenge is keeping your hands and lips in solitary worlds. You must learn new ways of experiencing the world. Your body parts will get lonely. You will feel alone, but you are not alone.

We are in the remembering, we are learning how to be sick and well and how to care for the people we love in all new ways. Remember how we used to communicate on waves, remember how to connect telepathically and how to feel without touching.

Lemuria crumbled, ancient history's are in our blood. It will get worse. And you must be ready to survive. You must keep your heart well, thinking of your health and the health of everyone you love as a beam of light expanding and healing the world.

Fear is like the ego, you think it is reasonable and pragmatic. But you can choose to have the ego understand new realities this time. You can learn new techniques for your soul's evolution. Many people will get sick, you will learn to grieve and how to let go and how to communicate with all of your ancestors and guides to learn what they know about death and new beginnings.

This is a four year, a year of grounded stability and learning what is important, to cutting out the things that no longer serve you and understanding yourself in a new way. We love you and know you are making the best decisions you can.

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