Your excitement is inspirational and you left room for me to interpret the messages. The reading gave me a more focused energy around improving my life. You gave me a starting point to be able to listen to the messages that were meant for me. People are in good hands and will leave the experience with more knowledge and understanding than before. I recommend your readings  because it helped me so much. I would recommend to anyone who is stuck or in need of clarity.

-CL Austin, TX

I loved the way you allowed the images and messages to be presented as they were, which was sometimes more impressionistic, instead of forcing them into a distinct narrative. You’ve helped me get back on the path I knew I should have been on anyway, lol. You create a comfortable and intentional space for the reading, but you aren't stodgy or unbending. I totally recommend you to queer and queer-allied people looking for more information about their souls all the time.

-DB Austin, TX

This was my first experience with the Akashic Records, so that was interesting. You were very kind and open, a good listener. The reading helped alleviate an anxiety I had been experiencing. The anxiety still exists, but it's quieter and less tenacious. The reading was a very positive experience. It is important for people to know that they can trust you. I recommend you to to people who love self-reflection and other kinds of readings, like tarot cards.

-F Tallahassee, FL

I really appreciate the ways you handle and communicate the image, messages, and information you receive from the records. You are responsible with the information and the power it holds. The experience was collaborative and connecting. My session with Lizzy helped me connect with my purpose in life and feel more confident and assured moving forward with my life goals and plans. I was also given clarity surrounding where to put my time and attention. I felt strengthened in my connection to my intuition and sense of self. Lizzy is brave and honest and will work with you in making sense of what your records have to offer you. She doesn't force her opinions or interpretations on you, but rather gives you the images and words that come to her so that you can make sense of them together. I recommend a reading to anyone interested in better understanding themselves and their lives.

-CO Austin, TX

I really liked your excitement about what we were doing! I felt really seen. My life has a deeper meaning by knowing the messages you pulled from my records. Thank you!  You are a real-life witch and you throw down the truth in a graceful way. I recommend you to all my friends who are expanding to higher consciousness. Lizzy is special.