You feel disconnected, distant, foggy, angry, confused, lost.


The current state of the world weighs you down and makes you angry, adrift, and very discontent.


You know you have a deeper purpose but you can't quite understand or grasp what it is.


You have relentless anxiety you cannot shake and you want to break your attachment to the cycle.

You have a negative inner voice that talks you out of your dreams and the things you want most in life.

You can move through these pains to know the reason you are here. You can remember your purpose and feel confident following through with your dreams. You can be back on track and living your best life. You can feel a deeper connection to a calm and knowledgeable overflowing well inside you and learn how to access it whenever you need it.


Your assumptions and hunches about what you think about your life are validated and you feel lighter, happier, calmer, and at peace with your purpose.

Why do I know I can help?

I have heard a soft voice inside begging me for something different but I wasn't sure if I should follow it.


I desired a different life but didn't know how to give myself permission to live it.


I craved a deeper connection to my spirit team, ancestors, and soul so I could hear their guidance more clearly.


I know too well the hesitation to act on the messages I was hearing for fear of failing and being wrong.


I learned how to quiet the loud, critical voice in my head that kept me from following my dreams.

Why do you want to work with me?

  • You want to live a life with purpose

  • You want to get back on the right path

  • You want to learn how to cope with the turbulence in the world.

  • You need confirmation that your intuition is working and you are, indeed, magical

  • You want a roadmap on how to improve your life

  • You want to live with more certainty and less anxiety

  • You want to heal past hurts and live a more fulfilling life

You are ready to book your Release and Realign Akashic Record Reading!





Here's what's next:

Read MY EXPECTATIONS below and if I resonate with you, then click the Booking Button. You've now indicated to the Universe that you are serious about your transformation! Find a time that works and pre-pay for your reading.


You get a series of emails leading up to the reading: ZOOM link to use the day of the reading, a questionnaire that helps you think about your questions so we can both know what you want to explore, tips to prepare for the reading, and a reminder email the day before. 

We'll meet in our virtual meeting space where we connect, ground, answer any lingering questions, and open your AKASHIC RECORDS using Linda Howe's Pathway Prayer. After the RECORDS are open, we'll go over your questionnaire so your RECORDS can hear what you want to explore.


Now the magic happens!


Your RECORDS take over and we let your spirit team tell us how to best correct your current situation, what advice they have, and any homework they recommend. You are encouraged to ask questions and change the subject, there is no judgment because this is your experience! I record the call so you can have a copy, which is emailed within 24 hours of the reading.


About a week later, I'll send a follow-up email to discuss any feedback you have about the reading so I can hear how the experience is affecting you.


It is possible to feel connected to your purpose!

You can trust your inner guidance!

You can become the person of your dreams!


  1. Our time together is collaborative, you must explore what brought you to this reading so we can both work on realigning your life.

  2. This work is interactive spiritual work, it is not a psychic prediction that tells you a message without your participation. The most successful people have some understanding of their higher-self and know what their intuition is. Extra points for understanding infinite realities, other dimensions, reincarnation, and other nonlinear ideas. People who have or ever had a spiritual practice -- experience with meditation, any of the healing arts, therapy, holistic healthcare, tarot, journaling, or anything that connects you to other realms -- really excel with this type of healing.

  3. We are both in your Akashic Records during the reading, which means you will also get intuitive hits, ideas, or visions about what we are discussing. You agree to take an active role in your healing and transformation by signing up for this reading, so you are encouraged to share your thoughts and experience during and after your reading.

  4. There is no guaranteed outcome to this reading. Your healing and transformation depend on the work you put in to your life after you receive your guidance. You are responsible for doing your work, which often means completing the tasks, magic, or prompts given during your reading -- this is your spiritual homework that brings you to your goals!

  5. I do not give emergency readings. My readings cannot be booked less than 48 hours prior to the day you are booking. I give readings to people who have enough time to prepare your mind, space, and spirit for the reading so we are both focused, grounded, and ready for healing. If you need an emergency reading, I can recommend some people to you, please use the 'contact me' button at the top of the page.